Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Year 12 Media Studies Blog Checklist

This is what you should ALL have on your blogs thus far:

Green – Completed
Orange – In the process
Red – Not yet attempted.

1. Continuity sequence and evaluation of it
2. 'The Art of the Title' homework task (Leanne)
3. Saul Bass write-up and independent titles analysis
4. Presentation on a title sequence designer of your choosing
5. Pitch video, presentation, feedback sheets and summary of feedback/comments on what you think of it
6. Zombieland analysis
7. Analysis of a title sequence of your choosing
8. Genre notes and analysis of a sequence of your genre
9. Class notes written up, including codes conventions of title sequences and Sound
10. Video of your fight sequence and explanation of what you did and evaluation of what you learnt through the process
11. Audience profile for your film
12. The order of the titles & importance of typography, to include analysis of Se7en/Catch Me if You Can/Lord of War covered in lesson.
13. Write-up of film industry work completed with Shaun.
14. Video feedback from Leanne/Shaun with your comments as to how you are going to address the feedback for improvements.

To move on, you will need to complete the following:
a) REGULAR JOURNAL POSTS - weekly for the rest of the project, detailing decisions being made, problems, successes, revisions to your original plans etc.
c) Typography ideas for your titles & final chosen typography.
d) A production plan - what will you do, when, what will you need and where will you go. You could also add costings and potential issues which may arise and how you will resolve them.
e) Location shots (recce)`.
f) Music/sound research and final soundtrack decision.
g) Film studio research and decision about who would produce/distribute your film so that you can include their logo at the beginning of your sequence.
h) Audience research/feedback on your idea and necessary adjustments made.

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