Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Feedback From Mr Grimsley

Feedback from Mr. Grimsley

The feedback I received from sir was overall quite positive but his main criticism towards my blog was that I should improve some of my posts by making them longer and including more detail. Since I received this feedback I have tried my best to improve my posts and make them more detailed and descriptive, my analysis for Zombie land has also been improved. I still need to improve my Forest Gump analysis and over the next few weeks I will get it done.
Since the feedback I received, my attitude to the course has changed as I have gotten my posts from a total of 9 to 17, which is a good improvement and has helped me realize the importance of the blog as I can now look back and see what work is outstanding and what work still needs to be done. It has provided me the opportunity to consider posts that I was not told to do but that I think will be beneficial to my project.. My aim for the rest of the course is to try to keep my blog up to date and try to include as much detail in my posts as possible.

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