Monday, 3 December 2012

Lesson on sound design

Sound Design

Lesson Aims:

To be able to indicate what the three different types of sound design are.

To create a Foley track for the fight sequence that you should have filmed.

What is sound design?

Diegetic (Can be heard by characters)

Non-diegetic (Characters in the film cannot hear it)

Sound Track – A piece of music used in a movie which characters cannot hear.

Sound effects – A recording or imitation of sound used in film.

Dialogue – Words/Conversation exchanged in a movie between characters

Foley – The reproduction of everyday sounds which are recorded preproduction.

The creation and layering of dialogue, background noise and other sound effects to create a sophisticated aural environment.

E.g : In a scene where the setting is a rainforest , the sounds of various birds and animals would be dubbed in afterwards to enhance the scene and make it look and sound real.

There are 3 types of sound creation:

Realism, Hyper realism and Unrealism/ surrealism.          

During the lesson we got a chance to make our own sounds. We used meat which created a good punching effect as it sounded very lifelike, we also used carrots and nuts in which we snapped and cracked to make it sound like bones and body parts were being broken. We then put all of these sounds into our fight sequence to make the sequence as a whole more realistic.         

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