Friday, 14 December 2012

Journal Post

Journal Post 14.12.12

Today we went to Harry’s house to get some filming done which will feature in our title sequence. The filming that we did was the playing cards which featured the actor’s name written on them. When we arrived we had to set up the camera correctly on the tripod and also adjust the lighting so that it looked perfect.  We used a pool table but unfortunately it was blue therefore we used a green poker mat to lay over the top of it to give the casino style look. We also used poker chips and money that we had created to also make it look more like a casino. Our first idea was to write the actors names on the playing cards using a pen and as they were dealt the actors name would appear vertically and horizontally on the card. As a group we come to the decision that this idea looked quite unprofessional and scruffy and decided that with a little more effort we could adapt this idea to create playing cards on the Macs using Photoshop.

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