Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Planning of title sequence

Planning of title sequence

In todays lesson we put our ideas together to create a spider diagram of our thoughts in which we think would be good for our title sequence.  We focused on thematic ideas and then all decided on the overall idea. In our title sequence we want to include burning money to show that Anton as a character doesn’t want his life to be bought into corruption and doesn’t want to live the life that his dad did. Another idea we want to include is to zoom into the map of London, which will establish the setting of our film.


Fading into shots throughout the sequence.
Ticking clock in the background throughout the sequence until last scene.
Heart monitor machine beeping in last scene throughout to signal the death of his father.
Voices going into Anton’s head.

More ideas:

Playing Cards
Street signs
Exchanging of money
Guns & knuckle-dusters
Glass of alcohol
Flashing police lights
Books with blood
Burning of money 

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