Friday, 7 December 2012

The importance of Typography and Design

The importance of Typography and design

In todays lesson we learnt about the importance of typography and how it can totally change how a title sequence looks and how the audience can interpret it. The fonts used have to fit the genre specifically otherwise it will not look right and may give a different impression to the audience about the movie.

When analysing a title sequence there are five Things to consider:

·      Genre
·      Style/mood
·      Possible narratives
·      Production values
·      Themes

Catch me if you can

The fonts used in ‘catch me if you can’ are all very rounded. These fonts are very simple but effect this may indicate a genre that is going to be quite comical but maybe serious at the same due to the use of sound, which is mysterious, and spy like. The titles role down into ladders and ropes this looks as if the character is trying to escape somewhere. The titles also look like doors this also represents a spy like theme as we constantly see the character changing occupations looking for someone else. This shows that he is trying to disguise himself whilst looking for another character, which we may be introduced to in the movie itself.
 When we see the titles of the job roles in the movie they are written in the font of a typewriter this may signify an occupation in the job and also a time period.


The typography used in seven is very distorted and flashes up on the screen which signifies an element of thriller. The words look like they have been scratched/carved by a razor blade or even a knife this also suggests a genre of the movie to be horror/thriller. The titles are constantly moving and flashing on the screen this may suggest that character is in a mental state of mind and the flashing of the titles are representing his persona.

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