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Title sequence Analysis of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Title sequence analysis of ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’

The film ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ fits into the genres of Action, thriller and also crime thriller. The style of the title sequence is very 1960’s and is animated. The title sequence looks very similar to pieces from Saul Bass due to the strong use of simple shapes to great effect, also the good use of animation which in this case is more effective than using real life actors. The title sequence is showing a man escaping over a wire fence which signifies to us that he is escaping from somewhere this straight away creates an enigma for the audience as we are automatically thinking who is he? Who is he escaping from? From these we guess that he is going to be the main character of this movie as he is the first character introduced to the audience. A woman is also introduced into this sequence which makes us as the audience try to think how she can be interacted with the man either if they are enemies, partners in crime or love partners? We also see a gun introduced in the title sequence, which is the first crime related object which then suggests to the audience that this mysterious character is living in a life of crime. When the gun is shot it releases lots of leaves and branches which then takes us through more braches and then arrives at a mysterious location in the middle of no where. By the gun shooting out a mysterious setting may foreshadow that a death may have or will occur in this woodland like setting.
  When the camera arrives that this mysterious setting there is a party going on in the party are all smartly dressed men and women. The men are in suits which may signify that they are also living in a crime/gangster lifestyle and that they may know the main character that we are introduced to.
The setting that is being established throughout the title sequence is America we can guess this due to the fire exits at the back of the apartments seen at the beginning of the title sequence and also the highways which we see during the middle of the sequence these specific things signify to us that the setting is a city in America.
 The title sequence is shown in one long continuous shot in with each scene changing one after another.
The music used is also in sync with the animation, which creates a good sense of atmosphere and also creates a suspense for the audience as they are now engrossed with the plot which we are guessing is a crime/thriller.  We see blood splats also introduced in this sequence, which then signifies that deaths will occur throughout. The title sequence uses three colours only, which are red, black and white. The colour red automatically signals to the audience blood and death and danger but also we could relate the colour red to love and that maybe there is a love relationship between the male and women character that we are introduced to. The colour black signifies death, corruption and also a mystery but also creates a dark atmosphere for the audience. The colour white represents purity and innocence and in this title sequence we see a women die this may suggest that she was an innocent women and got killed for the wrong reasons.
  When the female character then hits the floor the volume of the music increases to emphasis how hard she hit the floor. This then suggests that women are being shown as the weaker character opposed to men.
 Books then appear on screen with blood splats on them this may suggest that they are trying to puzzle together how the deaths have occurred and how can they work out how to solve the problem?
 Overall we can clearly see that the genres portrayed through this title sequence is crime/thriller and also elements of romance. The choices of colour have also proved to be important as it allows us to make an impression of the characters and their personalities. The good use of animation and backing track creates effect for the audience as it gives the sequence a mystery secretive style to it.

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