Sunday, 16 December 2012

Order Of Titles

Order Of Titles

The order of the titles is very important in a title sequence because it is essential that the main actor’s names are included before any off scene cast in the title sequence because it is the actors that will help sell the movie. It is also to key to include the film title because the audience will need to know the name of the movie for the title sequence they are watching.

Here is a good list which we will be following when creating our title sequence:

·        Studio Logos

·        Production Company presents

·        Film Title

·        Actors Names

·        Any of the following, Casting, Production designer, Costume, Make-up, Special effects, Music and Sound editor.

·        Line Producer

·        Exec Producer

·        Producer

·        Editor

·        Director of Photography

·        Writer(s)

·        Director

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