Friday, 11 January 2013

Filming the Maps

Filming the maps

On 9th January we went to Harry’s house to shoot the scene involving the map. We wanted to film it from a bird’s eye view to establish the scene and also to show the locations of each of the opposing characters. The plan was to pan across slowly including the thames to show to the audience that the setting is London. We struggled to get it perfect and tried to do it freehand to see if this was a better solution we soon found out that by filming freehand it was very hard to keep the camera still and the end footage came out very shaky and blurry. We decided as a group that this footage was very unprofessional and wasn't good enough to put into our title sequence.

 We all agreed that we still wanted to keep the idea of using a map as it sets the location and also shows the location which is very iconic for our film.

We are currently thinking of a new idea still involving maps but haven't quite made a decision.

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