Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Making of the cards

Below are the cards that we made. the first image shows how we printed the cards onto paper to check if they was the correct size. However, they wasn't this meant we had to alter and resize them. We used photoshop and then used the constuction lines to get them to the correct size. Once we finally got it right we printed them onto photo paper and they came out how we wanted them. However, Ray Winstone's card wasnt edited properly and came out a different colour to the rest as we didn't make it white enough. This ment that we had to apply the change and make it the same colour as the other cards.. Overall I think these cards came out really well and looked a lot better than our first idea which was to just write the actors names on using a pen. We then cut out the cards and glued them to a real card this then made the cards look very realisitc and professional. 

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