Monday, 28 January 2013

Journal : Hospital Scene Take 3

We showed our title sequence to both of our teachers today and they both instructed us to film our final scene again. We also felt that as a group it was a good idea as we want our title sequence to look as good as possible. We all agreed that the head movements from Thabo were to repetitive and that it wasn't creating the right effect. Although when we was filming the second time we felt that what we had shot looked good but when was editing and watching back over our title sequence we could notice that it did need some improvements so therefore decided to shoot again the third time.

In the photos that i have included show me in a white cloak which represents me acting as a doctor. We felt that if i walked past Thabo as an extra looking like a doctor it would make the sequence look a lot more realistic and also make it more obvious to the audience that it is a hospital waiting room. Another photo i have included shows Harry positioning the camera above Thabo's head on the tripod to catch a shot of him looking up. It was hard to try and keep the camera still and film at the same time. The last photo shows how low we had to position the tripod so that the camera could catch a shot of Thabo with his face in his hands.

Overall this shoot was successful and hopefully we managed to get every shot which we needed. We also tried to catch some other shots from different angles of Thabo sitting down which we will keep as spare as they may come in useful. We felt that it was a better option to have more shots which we could include instead of not having enough.

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