Friday, 25 January 2013

Journal : Filming the hospital scene part 2

As a group we decided that our hospital scene which we shot in the science needed some improvements. We decided to that we wanted Thabo who is acting as Anton Lewis in our title sequence to stand up and move around whilst he was acting to show that he was worried about his dad. In our last shoot we didn't think about this and by him doing this it makes it seem a lot more realistic. In this shoot the facial expressions used by Thabo also express his emotions which makes this part of the sequence look good this creates good tension for the audience. Thabo uses a very firm looking face which makes the audience want to know what he is thinking about/planning to do.
Overall this shoot was a lot more successful than the previous shoot. The acting Thabo did was also a lot better as we was able to catch good shots of his facial expressions.

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