Thursday, 17 January 2013

Film Studio

As a group we decided to choose 'Lionsgate' to be the studio our film. We was asked to research into different studios and then to put their titles into our title sequence. These will feature at the beginning of our title sequence. We chose Lionsgate because they have worked with actors who star in our film for example Jason Statham (Transporter 3) , Tom Hardy (Warrior) , Tamer Hassan (Blood Out) , Ray Winstone (Tracker) , Idris Elba (Daddy's Little Girl). Therefore this shows that the actors we have chosen may have a good relationship with the studio and like the way that they work as a studio. Lionsgate are also well known for being a very successful studio due to films such as Hunger Games which made $408,010,692 and the 'Expendables which made $103,068,524.

Lionsgate also distributed 'Harry Brown' which is a famous British crime film which in some aspects is similar to ours due to the setting and also the violence used within the movie.

Also Lionsgate tend to focus mainly on foreign and independent films, and is perhaps best known for distributing films that are too controversial for the large American companies. Therefore we felt that due to the storyline it may appeal to 'Lionsgate' the most out of the well known studios.

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