Friday, 4 January 2013

Journal Post : Burning the book

Burning the book

On Friday the 4th January we went to Harry’s house to do some more filming for our title sequence. Our initial idea was to have blood dripping down the inside of the book to represent the death of a character. As a group we decided that by using blood it may make the film come across as a horror and the blood gives the element of gore which is not what we wanted, therefore we decided to burn the page to represent how Luther Lewis (Idris Elba) had 'Cooked the books' and led a life of corruption which ruined his life.


In the book we decided to credit the producer whilst the page was burning which creates good effect because as the page is burning the producers name will also be burning away along with the page.


When we set up the book we were supervised so that the flame didn't get out of control. We placed a black sack on a small table which created a dark back ground which was what we wanted so that the flame stood out more. The positioning of the lighting was also important as we didn't want the setting to be either to dark or to light. The camera positioning was also important because we needed it just higher than the table so that the effect of the flame was caught and so that writing on the page was visible to the audience who need to read it.

Overall this shoot was successful and the footage that we filmed will be used in our title sequence once it is edited.

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