Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Article Analysis

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Hollywood animation studios, including Warner Brothers and MGM, did give some license to their artists to indulge in title antics. But one can also see that life for the titling crew at Disney was strained by the weight of its foreign-language versions and that film exports rarely encouraged innovation in titling. 
 I liked this quote because it shows how Disney was very widespread and that they had to create different title sequences for different countries.

Animation effects like the ones you see in rotoscopes actually pre-date film. But the power of filmmaking was enormous, and it tempted thousands, including many artists, to try their hand at this new medium. 
  This explains that many artists tried to create new pictures to introduce something new to title sequences when in fact some people see animation effects as pre dating the film and may prefer it the way it was.

Meanwhile, the studio systems operating in Europe and Hollywood also delighted in creating titles that featured vernacular graphic novelties.
  This explains that the title sequences are now trying to be a bit different by using more dialect graphic novelties and are trying to be more original.

Words and lettering played an enormous role in films of the silent era.
 This explains that the words and the way they are arranged created great effect without using images, which were introduced later.

As movies grew more popular, their titles evolved.

This explains that as they movies scene grew more popular over the years designers decided to come up with new ideas which made their sequences eveolve.

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