Monday, 19 November 2012

Feedback Sheets

 Feedback From Our Presentation

The feedback that we have received from the class about our pitch was  pretty varied. Three groups all agreed that the Director and the cast fitted the genre very well and that they was ideal for the roles we want them to portray in our movie. We also received positive feedback about the narrative and that they also felt that worked well. Other positives that we received was that we put a lot of research into our film for example finding out characters previous work and wether they would be good for the role that we want. It was good that the class noticed that because it shows that our research payed off. We also received some feedback which the class think we could improve on for example many people think we should have made the ending of our film more obvious and also include more information about the ending which i agree with so if we was to do this pitch again we would take the feedback on board and make sure that we include all information about the ending of our film. On a few of the feedback sheets the class thought that our budget was to much but due to the money i think our casts members will bring in such as Tom Hardy i think that the budget is perfect for out movie.

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