Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Target Audience for 'Inherited Empire'

Target Audience

Target Audience Primary Target: 18-35 years old (men)

Secondary Target: 35-50 years old (men)

The target audience for our film, Inherited Empire, will be mainstreamers who tend to be domesticated and conformist type of people. However, we recognize that our age rating is an 18 certificate, which indicates to us that we are focusing on a niche audience. This is because it is a specific audience and we need to provide content that the audience will like. The audience that we are aiming at would like action films, beer, sports and socializing. Their dislikes would be things that females would usually like such as shopping and romantic films. Also the races that our film will appeal to are black, white and mixed race as these feature in our film. The targeted viewer would not have strong beliefs in church or religion as our film may cross boundaries that may offend them. Therefore, the target audience would only go to church for a wedding or funeral. The target audience’s main occupation would be a practical job such a builder, electrician or would be people interested in media such as graphic designers and media technicians as they will be more obliged to go to the cinema, through their shared interest in the arts.

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