Thursday, 25 October 2012

Continuity sequence

Continuity Clip AS Media

Evaluation :

We had to carry out a preliminary exercise which was a continuity task involving filming and editing. We filmed a character opening a door , crossing the room and then going to sit down in a chair opposite another character which then involved using dialogue to each other. The aim of the task was to involve a 'match on action shot , 'shot reverse shot'  and also make sure that we stick to the 180 degree rule. I feel that overall as a group we found the task pretty straight forward and enjoyed doing the filming and acting. We found that we didn't have enough shots half way through filming which set us back a bit because we had to film shots again which if we was to do it next time we would improve on this.  We also tried to use other shots such as close-ups but they didn't fit well in the - because of the positing of the camera. I also found the editing quite difficult on final cut pro because it was hard to make the shots run smoothly one after another. Overall i think that the task went really well and as a group we worked well.

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