Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Shoot of Hospitals

Below are the pictures that we took of two hospitals in London. When showing our title sequence to the class they all agreed that the hospital scene was rather confusing therefore we decided that we should include a photo from the front of the hospital to make it more clear to the audience that it is going to be shot in a hospital. We decided to shoot 'St Thomas Hospital' and also 'Chelsea and Westminster hospital' as a group we thought that if we shoot two separate hospitals it will give us more of a choice when deciding what one we want to include in the title sequence. 'St Thomas's' looks very effective where it has been shot at night which fits perfect with our film and it creates quite and tense atmosphere but on the other-hand 'Chelsea and Westminster hospital' also works quite well as it includes a London taxi which is very iconic for a british movie and that is also what we want to portray to the audience. We have decided that we will carry out an audience survey to help us decide what hospital will look best for our sequence.

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