Saturday, 9 February 2013

Burning Of The Briefcase

This shoot was very important for us as a group as we only had one briefcase therefore we didn't have the opportunity to re-shoot if we made mistakes like we was able to do in other scenario's this meant that we had to make sure that everything we done on the shoot was near on perfect. As we was using fire in this sequence we had to prepare and make sure that it was all safe we also had a bucket of water to hand just incase the flame got uncontrollable. As we was filming outside and it was dark it was very important that the lighting was good so that the footage on the camera didn't look to dark or to bright. As you can see from the photos extra lamps were used so that the lighting looked perfect. The whole idea behind the money burning in a briefcase is to show how Anton Lewis is trying to get rid of all of the corrupt money that his dad still had and to show that he now wants to forgot all about the previous dishonest life that his father had lived. Overall we were all very happy with this footage and felt that we caught some excellent shots whilst filming. When editing we are going to introduce this footage towards the beginning and also towards the end so that audience don't forget about how important it is. As a group we also suggested that this footage could also be used as our last shot as it shows Anton Lewis closing the briefcase lid with smoke coming from small gaps on either side. This would look every effective however this was just a suggestion and we may think of a better idea.

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