Thursday, 7 February 2013

Feedback from class

Here are the feedback sheets that we received from class. Overall the feedback we received was positive and helped us to improve our title sequence. We received two and three stars on our sheets which means that the class felt that our title sequence definitely had potential if it was improved to a better standard. The main criticism that we was given was that our ending which is the hospital scene come across as confusing because it didn't quite seem to fit with the rest of the sequence. Our sequence includes lots of short videos from famous landmarks in London and by us cutting to a hospital scene it may have come across as confusing to the audience. To improve on this our group is going to travel to London and get a shot of the front of St Thomas hospital so that it signifies that it is set in a hospital. We will then include this shot into our title sequence so that our ending is a lot more understanding for the audience. The class also said that each of our shots were to slow therefore we decided to speed them up but struggled doing this therefore we found out how to do it we corrected them and it looked alot better. A piece of positive feedback we received from the class was that our soundtrack we chose was very good. All of the groups commented on how they felt the pace of the ticking clock fitted in well with each of our different shots. They also said that the sound of the ticking clock creates tension for the audience which is what we wanted.
Overall the feedback we received was generally positive therefore we was pleased with it. We also agreed with the feedback about the pace of the shots which we have now corrected. By us listening to the feedback it has made us think about what else we might want to change to our title sequence to make it better.

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