Wednesday, 3 April 2013

6.What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Whilst creating this project I have learnt a lot about different technologies which have benefitted me for the better. When creating the playing cards which we made using Photoshop on the apple mac computers we found this quite challenging as we had to make sure that all of the measurements were perfect and matched a real sized playing card. We also had to make sure that all of the color alterations were perfect otherwise the cards would not look the same and would not give the right effect which we want. It was difficult because when making the cards as a group we made some mistakes which proved to be time consuming for example we printed onto the wrong paper therefore we had to then make sure that the correct photo paper was placed into the printer so that the cards looked as realistic as possible. The task was challenging because no group member new exactly how to alter anything on Photoshop therefore we was all trying to change certain things which proved to be wrong, we eventually managed to make the cards to a very realistic and professional standard in the end, however we wouldn't of learnt how to do it if the mistakes hadn't taken place.

 When filming we used a flip camcorder which we then attached to a tri-pod to give better stability. Whilst filming certain scenes these flip cameras proved to be unreliable as they switched off many times whilst filming which prevented us from catching the shots that we wanted which was frustrating. This proved to be time consuming as we now had to either change the batteries or switch the camera on and off again to see if it was still able to work. When filming a scene at Harrys house the camera unexpectedly switched off and left us in an awkward situation as we now had to think of an alternate so that the filming session didn’t go to waste therefore we used Harrys digital camera which proved to give off a better quality than the flip camera, from that day we always used the digital camera as it was more reliable and produced better quality video. Even though the flip camera wasn’t as good as the digital camera it proved to give us a better quality of picture than we had expected.

When editing the videos which we had shot to turn into our main title sequence we again used the apple macs and used a program called ‘final cut pro’. The group had a rough idea of how to use the program due to the preliminary task however it was all pretty new to us and we had to try many new things which led to mistakes before having an overall good standard edited piece. This program allowed us to cut certain clips to make them shorter and then apply transitions so that the clips flowed nicely one after another. Problems that we faced was that some clips which we entered into final cut had not been rendered which therefore was time consuming as we needed to do it before we could edit them individually into the piece. Through us trying new things it benefitted us and made our sequence look better for example we learnt how to alter the color and brightness of certain shots using color corrector which created the right mood and atmosphere for certain shots. Final cut pro allowed us to easily edit pieces of music which we had downloaded from ‘’ into our sequence which we could then collaborate with our clips to create a very tense and suspenseful sequence. We used ‘’ to download a font to then add into our title sequence which will be used at the end to let everyone know the name of the title sequence.

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