Wednesday, 3 April 2013

5.How did you attract/address your audience?

We addressed our audience by firstly making sure that the genre strictly follows the codes and conventions of a gangster/crime thriller which is something that the audience will want so that they can understand and interpret the genre clearly throughout. We included lots of recognisable props such as card games which represent gambling and also large amounts of money which represents corruption which again is a convention for the gangster/crime thriller genre.

By us using the correct actors again is how we addressed the audience because it was very important that we get the right actors to play the role and portray it correctly because if we had picked the wrong actors to portray a role which they are not familiar with it would not give it the right effect which we wanted. The actors in our movie are all rather big stars and have starred in popular crime movies/tv series such as Tom hardy in 'The Take' a successful tv series and also Ray Winstone in 'The Departed' therefore they could be seen as the main selling point for the movie.


As a group we decided to get the audience involved by carrying out small research tasks. We took two separate shots of a certain scene in our sequence and then asked the audience to pick their favourite scene which they would prefer to see in our movie, this proved to be successful so we then created small graphs plotting our results and took the audiences advice and decided to pick their decision to go in our sequence. This was how we addressed our audience because it shows that we was very interested in seeing what they felt was best and what they would prefer to see. This way the audience were engaged with our sequence and giving their advice on what they felt would be most successful.

The title sequence itself is hopefully enough to attract the audience as we have used a very interesting soundtrack which fits perfectly with the great use of shots included and also the transitions that go with them. The titles used hopefully have a positive influence on the title sequence and also represent the genre very well as they are very simplebut effective as the colours used ‘black and white’ stand out very loud and clear to the audience. By us using all of this an enigma is created because throughout the title sequence they will hopefully get more gripped to the title sequence and will certainly be curious to what is going to happen next.

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